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Toria Elite
76 - 150 cm | 15 months - 12 years

Toria Elite

The versatile child seat combines the current i-Size safety standard, increased travel comfort and outstanding design. Equipped with a ventilation system, automotive seating foam and a reclining position, resting couldn't be easier while the integrated speakers (PRIME) in the head area allow children to listen to their favorite songs while keeping their heads in the protected area.


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Growing & Easy to Convert

Toria Elite can be used for a fifteen-month old toddler to a twelve-year old child (76 – 150cm). The height-adjustable backrest and headrest adapt in 14 positions to suit the height of the children and automatically grow as they do.
For your little ones, a cozy Comfort Inlay (reducer) is included.


Sound System

The loudspeakers are built into the head area of the child seat and the audio connection and device pouch means your children can be entertained. The kids can lean back and relax while their head remains protected by the headrest (in PRIME version only).


Advanced Side Protection (ASP)

The detachable protectors can be fixed quickly and simply to the child seat. In the event of a side collision, the energy absorbers reduce the force that would act upon the child and provide maximum protection. The protectors should always be installed on the door side.


Air Ventilation System

No detail is left to chance, and air quality is no detail. In fact the air ventilation system makes sitting over long periods particularly comfortable, and this is ensured by openings in the outer shell and mesh inserts in the seat cover, which allow continuous air flow. The secret of a good journey is to enjoy the ride and the design of the Toria Elite makes sure everyone does


Intuitive Installation

ISOFIX and Top-Tether ensure easy handling and of course meet the strict requirements of the current i-Size safety standard. The three anchor points hold the seat in position and in the event of an accident, this absorbs the forces acting on the child. Once installed, the child seat can remain in the car and doesn’t even need to be removed when rebuilding the Toria Elite for older children (100 - 150 cm).


One-Handed Recline Adjustment

The Toria Elite child seat has three reclining positions, whether the child is strapped in with the integrated harness system or with the vehicle's seat belt. The flatter resting position provides the greatest comfort. Best of all: You can adjust the recline with just a single hand, while the child can remain seated.

Safety Features For Every Journey

  • Energy-absorbing shell:
    In the event of a collision, the energy is diverted through the shell and absorbed there
  • Patented HERO safety system:
    Children from 76 – 105 cm can be simply and quickly strapped in using the patented HERO safety system. A single unit comprising shoulder pads, shoulder straps and headrest prevents the harness from twisting and slipping and simplifies the secure and easy fastening process
  • Coated belt tongues:
    The belt tongue coating does not get hot to the touch and risk hurting your baby’s sensitive skin (76 – 105 cm)
  • Comfort seating foam:
    The foam adapts to your child’s body shape perfectly and provides the highest level of comfort
  • Belt guide markings:
    The green belt guide markings help ensure correct installation
  • Height-adjustable headrest with integrated 5-point harness system:
    Simple adjustment gives the growing child an ergonomic sitting position, fastened into the seat securely and simply with our intuitive, central harness adjuster and HERO harness guide (76 – 105 cm)
  • Ergonomic design:
    Flat side bolsters make it easy for the parents to place their child in the child seat
  • Intuitive handling:
    Nothing complex about it: all important functions can be operated intuitively and easily
  • Integrated harness storage:
    Easy conversion to the next level through integrated harness storage with no need to expand the harness system

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  • UN R129/03

External dimensions (W/D/H):

  • 43 / 49 / 62 cm


  • 12.5 kg

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We do not list all compatible car models as there is a 100% match in the following cases without having a look into the list.
Toria Elite is primarily designed for use in all i-Size seating positions but, it can be used also in any universal seating position provided that it does not conflict with the interior of the car.

  • Between 76 - 105 cm:
    As the Toria Elite is an i-Size product, it can be installed with ISOFIX and Top-Tether on all forward-facing vehicle seats with certified i-Size seating position.

  • Between 100-150 cm:
    It can be installed with ISOFIX and seat belt on all forward-facing vehicle seats with certified i-Size seating position.

  • Between 100-150cm:
    The Toria Elite can be installed universally using the vehicle seat belt without ISOFIX on all forward-facing vehicle seats equipped with a 3-point-belt approved according to ECE R16.

Continue your search, if:
... you want to use this product on a vehicle seat without i-Size certification.

Is the Toria Elite compatible with my vehicle?

Please always check your car’s manual for possible notes/instructions/prohibitions from the manufacturer regarding the use of child seats in your car!

Sorry, this seat is not approved for your vehicle.

Reasons for denied approval can be:

  • Limited space for the child seat
  • 3-point-belt is too short
  • If it should occur that once the child seat is attached to the ISOFIX connection, and the seat covers the buckle there is no guarantee of a safe installation
  • Headrest of the car is not removable and prevents the child seat from being placed correctly
  • Storage compartment in the foot area does not allow installation of child seat or base with a supporting leg