Creating Trust

Trust grows with time. For more than 110 years, RECARO has been building mobile seats and we have made it our mission to support people and transport them safely. The area of child seats has a particularly special importance for us. Because we at RECARO also have children. And so we do everything in our power to ensure your family‘s safety. On short and long journeys. On the road and in the air. Every day and everywhere.

„Ingenious Design refers to the combination of function, ergonomics and aesthetics that has always shaped our products.“


It‘s the details from which the whole is developed.

For more than 110 years, RECARO have been dedicated to creating products that combine aesthetics, ergonomics and function. Products that are designed with the utmost care and diligence down to the smallest detail. As such, all our child seats and strollers are simple and intuitive to use. This saves time and allows you to enjoy your moments together even more intensely. 

Height-adjustable child seats with 360 degree rotation? Very light and agile strollers? Ergonomic sitting and reclining positions? These aren‘t just technical subtleties for us, they are the understandable expectation that modern families have for our products. We believe that design should cater to the needs of human beings. Ingenious design – as we call it – is at the heart of our daily work.

What started in 1906 with a manufacturing company for car bodies and interior equipment, soon developed a successful partnership with Porsche. We have always continued to develop ourselves through the production of legendary sports and aircraft seats. The production of safer, especially high-quality child seats and strollers is an area that is very close to our hearts. After all, it is also our children who will shape the world of tomorrow.

Our milestones are evidence that we are on the right track: as early as 1998 RECARO was setting new standards with the first child seat that adjusts to the size of a growing child: the RECARO start. Another member of the RECARO product family, the Zero.1 Elite, was awarded the Gold German Design Award in 2017. As of 2019, this tradition is being pursued further by RECARO Kids. By showcasing many new innovative products we are demonstrating our expertise. To ensure that you can enjoy family moments together on an even deeper level, we will continue to deliver you totally smart, forward-thinking and safe travel companions for all journeys. Safe journey.

Over 110 years of design, ergonomics and safety.

Incorporation under the name of “Stuttgarter Carosserie- und Radfabrik”.

Granting of a patent for the so-called “Reformkarosserie”car body following a name change to “Stuttgarter Karosse-riewerk Reutter”.

Production of bodywork and complete interior equipment for almost all notable contemporary manufacturers.

Reutter builds the first out of more than 60,000 German Porsche 356 units.

The bodywork factory is sold to Porsche. Reutter Carosserie becomes the specialist company RECARO.

RECARO starts producing airplane seats.

Fusion of Keiper RECARO and relocation of the entire airplane seat production to Schwäbisch Hall.

RECARO presents the first child car seat that grows with the child.

The innovative Zero.1 Elite receives the golden German Design Award in 2017.

Continuation of the RECARO success story through RECARO Kids.