Creating Safety

When it comes to safety there are no compromises. To this end, ensuring that your children are safe and come to no harm is our first priority. Our solutions regularly exceed the legal standards and impress renowned testing institutes and parents around the globe. The combination of reliable safety technology and outstanding product quality keep families at ease during all journeys. And the little ones? They sit comfortably and safely and are able to drift off into sweet dreams.

We do everything to ensure the safety of your child.

How do you gain trust? By always doing more than others expect. We equip our child seats and strollers with significantly more safety features than required by safety standards. Our engineers and designers wouldn‘t have it any other way: the pioneering spirit is embedded deep in RECARO‘s company philosophy. We don‘t just want to be among the best. We want to be the best. So that parents trust us. On every road. On every journey.

Why safety standards alone are insufficient.

Our safety technologies go above and beyond protection in the case of an emergency. When carrying your infant carrier, when placing your child into the child seat and throughout the entire journey itself – we design your everyday family routine simply and safely. Adaptive functions, foolproof handling, intuitive seating – these aspects combined lead to the best results. In this way, we guarantee parents the highest level of safety. We incorporate the results from renowned testing institutes into our development process: ADAC, Stiftung Warentest (German consumer and goods testing organisation) and, last but not least, the biggest specialists in this area – families.

Tested, prize-winning – judged to be very good.

By combining safety, ergonomics and function with appealing designs, we are setting new standards for the transport of infants, babies and small children. This is corroborated by numerous awards and successful consumer tests.

What happens during a crash test?

During a frontal crash test with a child seat, a crash test sled travelling at around 70 km / h is brought to an abrupt stop in a matter of milliseconds. This produces an enor-mous amount of energy: some 40 times as high as the gravity on earth. Our infant carriers and child seats are equipped for this emergency. Our Our infant carriers and child seats aim to organise your everyday routine as a family in a worry-free and relaxed way – safety included.


Rear-facing transport, optimised side collision protection and the intuitive ISOFIX installation offer little travellers maximum safety in the rear seat. In the event of a frontal collision, the energy is dispersed across the entire body, whereby the sensitive head and neck area stay protected. i-Size or UN R129 were developed with the help of the newest testing methods concerning child safety inside cars and describe the most up-to-date standards with the highest demands on safety.

The new EU safety directive stipulates all children must travel in a rear-facing direction until the age of 15 months. Our safety experts recommend transport facing away from the direction of travel up to the age of 4 years, where possible.

Protection from side collisions

The side collision protection in our child seats consists of detachable, collapsible or integrated systems. In this way, the child seat can be optimally and quickly adjusted for each journey. Through our Advanced Side Protection systems, we guarantee protection far beyond the legal requirements. Forces generated in the event of a collision are absorbed and intercepted by the child seat. For even more everyday crash performance.

HERO safety system

Our HERO safety system stops the harness from slipping and twisting. The harness and shoulder pads are brought into the correct position, together with the headrest. The patented technology likewise ensures that, in the event of a crash, all forces are diverted. For maximum child safety.

Our child seats have a long road behind them when they finally go into production. During this process we work together with international testing institutes; intensive and extensive tests round off the development of our products. In the final stages, no one is as critical of the result as our team of engineers and designers themselves. You can be sure that RECARO only provides you with solutions for your daily routine that we ourselves are absolutely convinced of. Anything else is out of the question for us.

Known for our seats – and our pioneering spirit.

There are people, for whom the safety of your child is as close to their heart as it is to yours: our employees. We at RECARO are also parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents. We see it as our task to offer you the best solution for your everyday challenges. And there‘s more:

we develop protective companions, who will be along for the ride on all family excursions and trips for a long time. Only someone who has done as much as this has earned your trust.

We at RECARO are parents ourselves and want to offer you the best and safest solutions. This is why we go far beyond the necessary safety standards every day.

The most stringent tests in the world.

We work together with renowned testing institutes to consistently improve our products and generate new insights: DEKRA, TÜV in Germany, TASS in the Netherlands and many other partners worldwide. We don‘t carry out these tests simply to meet standards and comply with norms. It is our goal to compete and improve on an international level. For us, this also includes the tests derived from the EURO NCAP, such as those carried out by Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC. Not just to take part, but to perform our very best – that is our drive.

Safety and quality that you can feel.

Our collections bring together the highest levels of quality and security, in addition to the aspiration of our teams to be better and safer than the day before, every day. For this reason, every child seat is put through a multi-level series of testing. Our engineers and designers invest lots of time in development, right up to the production stage. Because one thing is clear: the combination of passion and knowledge leads to the best result. Our focus is naturally geared towards emergencies. Nevertheless, durability also plays a central role for us as a premium manufacturer. To ensure that you can thoroughly enjoy your downtime together. Together with your RECARO child seat – Better Together.

One touch says more than a thousand words.

Are you familiar with our most recent designs? At reputable retailers you can test out our child seats and strollers at your leisure. And you will be surprised: it is actually possible to feel safety.

All the way. All the day.