Creating Moments

Does life get any better than exploring the world together? Because everything is: Better Together. For this reason, the high-quality protectors by RECARO combine safety, ergonomics and function with unique design. For worry-free moments and stress-free mobility. This way, you can thoroughly enjoy care-free moments together. For the most precious times. For lots of “we”. For moments that last for ever – just like the first ever photo.

Everything is better together.

The first ultrasound picture of your little treasure: with that, a totally new era begins. A wonderful time, because now you are a family. RECARO products are here so that, right from the very beginning, you can enjoy every moment together relaxed and stress-free. Whether the first visit to the doctor, daily shopping trips into the city, or your first holiday together: our high-quality travel companions combine quality, functionality and design on all your journeys. Because everything is a little simpler together. Because together, everything works. Because family means being together.

Because today is the best day – and tomorrow, too.

Our child seats are unique combinations of the highest level of safety, simplest handling, ergonomic use for parents and long-lasting quality. And all that in the most modern designs. As a premium manufacturer, RECARO provides reliable support for your family – for big jour-neys, but also for little all-day adventures. So that every day is the best day of your family life together..

We look after the safety and protection of children. Furthermore, we want our products to help families to be mobile without limitations and travel stress-free in everyday situations. To this end, we focus on the highest safety and quality in addition to well thought-out innovation.

Safety, quality and design – for every family. 

Every family is different. But when it comes to safety, everyone agrees: only the best is good enough.
And this is precisely how we see things, too. Whatever your personal everyday challenges look like: we at RECARO combine intelligent functions and pioneering technologies in an authentic product that promotes well-being. Our child seats are comfortable and safe. Every product slots perfectly into your life. For stress-free „we“ moments – Better Together.

Why we understand what parents want.

Behind every single RECARO child seat is 110 years of experience. Our skills in engineering have continuously developed during this time. Today, each of our products is packed with pioneering technology and unique functionality. We combine knowledge gleaned from the development and production of high-quality racing and aircraft seats to create the perfect child seat. Aside from this, our designers are also mums, dads, aunts and uncles. For this reason, we work every day to ensure the safety and well-being of the little ones in your family. We want to support you. Will you come with us on a unique journey?

Today is our favorite day. And tomorrow, too.