Creating Care

Healthy posture is essential for little explorers. In cooperation with leading orthopaedists and physiotherapists, we have made our child seats and strollers the perfect companions for every journey. From the very first day of use, RECARO products ensure that your child‘s back receives optimum support when sitting and through any motion sequence. Smart functions also make handling easier for parents. Together with skin-friendly textiles in fashionable designs, attractive and supportive travel companions for each journey are born – Better Together.

Child seats that provide safety and support.

During the development of our products, ergonomic seating position plays an important role. With help from the latest medical insights we develop our patented technology, bringing together healthy ergonomics, robust quality and simple handling in a unique fashion. With RECARO, children are in the best of hands – from their first burp, to their first trip to the cinema. Perhaps the infant carrier or the stroller will become their second favourite place – after mum and dad‘s lap of course.

Our travel tip for young parents:

When travelling with a baby in the car we recommend you make regular stops. That way your little darling can stretch out and exercise on the amply sized crawling rug. Thus, you are supporting the healthy development of your child. Even with older children, regular stops to stretch their legs promote a sense of well-being. And this comes with a good mood.

Babies are far more sensitive to movement and touch. With skin-friendly materials and a comfortable place to sit, we make it easy for the little traveller to enjoy every journey.

Infant carriers that adjust to your baby.

The special combination of height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness in the reboarder Salia relieves pressure on the spine and the entire body. With an individually adjustable seating angle, your child can sit comfortably during your journey or pleasantly drift off to sleep at will.

Child seats that grow with your infant.

The child seat Mako Elite is equipped with an adjustable legrest. These provide your child with additional support. The rest can be individually adjusted. So-called Smart Protection Wings adapt to the shoulder width of your little darling and automatically „grow“ with them thanks to the adjustable backrest.

Intuitive materials for your daily routine.

Our current textile innovation is both light and airy, while being long-lasting and robust during daily use. Through the use of breathable covers, we ensure the ideal climate of well-being for your child. Smart openings in the structure of the seat and mesh material form a continuous air ventilation system. This way, your baby feels at ease and won‘t start to sweat. And the infant carrier will stay as nice as it was on the first day of use for a long time.

Functions that make life easy for parents.

To ensure you can attach your child seat effortlessly, we also offer you a modular system with a base. With just one click, the child seat is made secure. Practical indicators display a green light when everything is in the correct position. And the best thing: the base can be simply disassembled and stowed away.

Smelling, touching, feeling, tasting – babies perceive their world with all senses. A pleasant feeling on the skin and back-friendly position are particularly important for newborns, so that they can quickly find peace in their highly stimulating everyday lives. To this end, at RECARO we combine unpolluted materials and healthy ergonomics. For each individual stage of work we also strive towards sustainability. All this together lets our children grow up as they deserve. After all, it is they who will shape the world of tomorrow. Hopefully together – Better Together.

Ergonomically valuable for parents.

Developed with leading ergonomics specialists, intensively tested in various stages of development and evaluated by the objective opinion of renowned testing institutes: every design from RECARO unites functional, ergonomic and aesthetic components. In this way, we support the whole family in their everyday routine. Whether with 360 degree rotational seating, the child seat indicators on the base or our one-handed folding system for strollers, we make it easy for children, parents and grandparents to enjoy moments together. Because that is what counts.

Long-lasting and sustainable products.

With the birth of a child, the awareness of the parents changes too: tested, long-lasting and environmentally conscious materials are in demand. For one thing, your little darling should have a general sense of well-being. For another, you would like to contribute to looking after our planet for your children and grandchildren. We at RECARO are aware of our dual responsibility. For us, quality always means sustainability, too. To this end, we advocate particularly long-lasting products and a production process that conserves resources.

Six skin-friendly facts for parents.

The skin of babies and little children is particularly sensitive, especially to touch. This means it can react much more strongly to contaminants, uneven surfaces and temperatures. For this reason, our designers and engineers are especially discerning when it comes to the selection and processing of our materials and textiles.

1. Going beyond standards
We go far beyond the standards required by law.

2. Unpolluted materials

We demand durability and freedom from contaminants from our materials.

3. High quality textiles
Easy to maintain, machine-washable, quick-drying textiles and long-lasting quality.

4. Phenomenal padding
We use high-quality foams from the automotive sector – we can therefore guarantee long-lasting padding for comfort over many years.

5. Best processing
All textiles and stitching are subjected to strict endurance tests.

6. Independently inspected
Additional testing from independent institutes and the fulfilmentof all EU norms.

You care. We care.